A Trip to Myrtle Beach




Been planning this trip (more like Any trip) for a while with my girls. And a lot of this trip was dependent on me, and the airfares from Toronto, the long layovers to reach anywhere… the list typically doesn’t end. Thanks to the alerts I set on www.skyscanner.ca and a cheap airfare from WestJet airlines, I found, Yes, a direct light to Myrtle Beach.

(Btw, I couldn’t find any direct flight to MYR for a long time, layovers…OMG, my option was to ‘layover’ at LaGuardia Airport for about 10 hours. So, you are suggested to get to the airport at least 2 hours prior to a US-Canada flight, a short flight to LGA, a ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ long layover at LGA, and a short flight to MYR; which meant I could typically hop on a plane and get to the other part of the world in that time than go to Myrtle Beach which is about 1,400 km only from Toronto.)

My girls are the kind of friends you’d want (or maybe the word is need). The moment I saw the golden words ‘YYZ to MYR’, ‘CHEAP TICKET’ and ‘DIRECT FLIGHT’ on the internet… all the three tickets were booked within the next hour. One from Toronto; One from Columbus; One from New Jersey. So, tickets booked, resort booked.. Come September 14th

September 14th.. was a day of Chaos., Well, at least for one of us.

(If you can understand this chaos, it is as follows – with Spirit Airlines and American Airlines)

LCK -> MYR – landed as expected. YYZ -> MYR – Landed as expected. And, Thanks Spirit Airlines. So the flight from New Jersey to Myrtle Beach, was a Spirit Airline flight. That morning, somehow all Spirit Airlines from anywhere in USA landing in MYR was cancelled. How Wonderful.!!! When is the next flight? ‘We are not sure’ says the Spirit representative not knowing that burnt our Spirit, What happened? ‘We are not sure’, I need to get to MYR, what can you do to help? ‘We understand, but we are sorry, the next flight is tomorrow.’ OH.. but we are on a tight schedule. So my friend booked another flight, through another airline from another airport to MYR. Enter American Airlines.! From PHL to MYR. Alright! Tickets booked once again! Rushed to PHL to know that American Airlines has oversold the ticket and there are 14 people on standby on a full flight on a perfectly fine day, weather-wise (just a few days before we had the sad and devastating Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and their effects were felt over most of the east coast.) So, there were no chances that someone would miss enjoying one of the last beautiful weekends before fall. Anyways, moving along, the 14 people were transferred to an afternoon flight on standby. Again on a full flight.! So, the next best option we could think of is to get to the nearest airport and drive from there. So yet another ticket to Charleston, South Carolina was booked in the airport, this time that accompanied with a confirmed boarding pass, and JUMP, SKIP, HOP, FLY to CHS.!! By the time that American Airline flight landed in Charleston from Philadelphia, we hoped to drive to Charleston to pick the third musketeer, and back to MYR.

Oh.. When all the above said was happening in Philadelphia, two of us who had landed at the Beach on time, were getting acclimatized, a stroll by the beach, got some lunch, changed into shorts, basically enjoying the humidity…!! So, we called an uber, to drive us to the airport so we can rent a car and drive to Charleston. But we ended up striking a deal and got someone driving the car for us.

What followed for the next 3 days was a simply a relaxed long weekend by the beach with good old friends from school, who know about your good and the not so good; your happiness and your worries; and a good lot of other things. And, we also tried some water adventures, we went parasailing and a boat ride that was one hell of a ride, with the man pulling the boat looking like Channing Tatum.!  During our stay at the Beach, I must say the Uber drivers were like the walking-talking travel encyclopedia. Their lunch and dinner recommendations were exceptional.

One amazing thing that you don’t normally expect in an airport, is that people (possibly people working at the airport, but they weren’t dressed in any kind of uniform) are lined up at the international arrivals distributing goodies for free, like chocolates and candies, and a book of information on places to visit, maps and coupons; with a smile on their face saying “WELCOME TO OUR BEACH”.

And Myrtle Beach was definitely Welcoming..!


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  1. Darn it! You’re a wonderful writer! Love the way you’ve penned it! Beautiful.. and our experience on this trip was mind blowing! We should do this again sometime soon!


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