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Hmmm, what can I say??? took my picture, though they made sure to put up my name.. I would have been very happy if they asked me before they took it. Maybe they should have put a link to my Instagram profile, so others can look at the picture in MY profile... Btw this... Continue Reading →

January DN

January Date Night at Queen Mother Cafe.!!! Their Aloo Bonda definitely reminded me of home.. No Pic of us because of the dull but beautiful lighting...  

Looking Forward

Looking Forward… Hoping that 2019 brings more reasons to Smile in general.. But I do have some personal pointers to check, Like Personal Care (Monthly) – get my eye brows shaped and follow it by manicure & pedicure Date Night! (Monthly) – Although we go to restaurants every now and then… it’s not a Date!... Continue Reading →

But First, Looking Back…

Looking Back.. 2018 A Year past by and how?? A few good memories and a few terribly bad ones. Because of the two extremes, it was the year of “3 steps forward and 2 steps backward” to best put it. The year started great, came with a lot of hope, made me feel absolutely beautiful... Continue Reading →

When the Going gets Tough…

I was 16, in class 11, when I heard the quote ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. And in my mind was ‘what gets going? And what is it that gets tough?’. I remember asking about this quote to my English teacher at boarding school at the time. And he mentioned that... Continue Reading →

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Almost a 10km hike through the park., it was a fabulous fall hike. Now, all through summer we wanted to do a lot of outdoor activities, and why not, explore The True North.! With my new gift, the GoPro Hero Session 5... with all its accessories.! What a fabulous gift..!! Although it was busy summer... Continue Reading →

Port Hope, Ontario

Just an hour off Toronto, in Port Hope. Though the city was pretty much shut down for Labour Day, it was a good short day trip. Salmon Catching was the highlight of the day! Apparently, the salmon tires you down, and you need to tire the salmon. And so, it could take hours to catch... Continue Reading →

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