But First, Looking Back…

Looking Back..

2018 A Year past by and how??

A few good memories and a few terribly bad ones. Because of the two extremes, it was the year of “3 steps forward and 2 steps backward” to best put it.

The year started great, came with a lot of hope, made me feel absolutely beautiful and then left. Even though it was a tiring period, it was hopeful. Then, came my downfall of the year and I am still trying to cope with it. And the lack of family who understand the unsaid, made it even more worse. For the first time in forever, I had this thought of what a fool I have been to move out of home, leaving behind my people, my home country. Well… that’s that.!

February marked something that was not called for… BUT I’M NOT COMPLAINING… just that it came after 5 years of marriage! Nolan got me a ring!! (a band particularly… but anyways)

I welcomed a high school friend into my place, with whom I reconnected after ages. She lived with me for the first two months till she got used to Toronto. She laughed with me and cried for me and brought with her a touch of my hometown, for which I will be ever thankful. Then came my birthday in March, and somehow looking back on the pictures on my phone, I do not have a single picture of myself, with my husband or with my friends who I did meet.

Trip to Ireland in April 2018 was one of the most memorable trips. The process of getting a pre-approved visa to enter the Republic of Ireland would take another blog post of its own. It’s a small country, with a travel time from coast to coast being just a little over two hours, and so 10 days in Ireland, meant that we travelled the ‘country’ from coast to coast to coast. The gorgeous countryside, the alcohol, the Irish bars, the music, the Airbnb’s… all in all, was fantastic. Ireland was fantastic.

In May we went to Barrie, Ontario, spent a couple of hours by the Barrie Lakeshore and then spent the rest of the day playing scrabble with friends in New Market.

June marked our 5th wedding anniversary. A silent day trip to Paris, Ontario was a good one. And Paris does have some great hideouts and good food and, on our anniversary, we bought a home.

July long weekend is Canada Weekend and Nolan’s birthday, again, pulled off a day trip to Prince Edward County with friends and a BBQ get together on one the year’s hottest day. (Definitely, the perfect day to BBQ). July also came with a trip to Columbus, Ohio for a Baby Shower, and a lot of eating BIRYANI. And a quick local cottage trip to Muskoka, Ontario.

August saw another baby shower and a day trip to Buffalo, New York. And took possession of our home and then came a tiresome home reno project. We saw off a lovely couple who moved to New York from Toronto

In September I made a decision to join the gym, well I always had a gym membership, but we all know how goes that. This gym was big decision, in my lifestyle and money wise. Also, this gym made me want to go back to the gym and workout without excuses. In addition, I want a good value for the money I slip in there. Whatever the reasoning, I hit the gym every morning of the work week. Something I am doing now, that I probably would have never done. @F45yonge_Eg.!! J We went back to Paris, Ontario, for another day trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday. This time, we tried our hand at archery. And we were good!! Maybe we should make that a hobby.

October was month of purchases for the new home. Two of those was the Nespresso Coffee Maker and Dyson vacuum cleaner. Both I’d say – excellent decisions. J Nolan took a position at another company which made him a “Sarkari Babu” (Government Officer) like my friend puts it, and an employee of Her Majesty The Queen, dare I say that… by taking an Oath of Allegiance to The Queen.

November flew, and in December, we got a Live Christmas Tree to our new home. Finally saw “Come From Away”, flew back to Columbus for another quick trip and welcomed the New Year in Kingston, Ontario.!

One thing I feel good about is I took Networking seriously in 2018. Women of Influence and How She Hustles, certainly gave me a new perspective on a few things, on which I otherwise had an orthodox belief. I also enjoyed a few girls evening out. Tried out a lot many new restaurants….. ALL HOPING THAT 2019 WILL BRING MORE REASONS TO SMILE.




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