Stuffed Jalapenos

Because Jalapenos are so awesome.!! Enjoy this simple recipe which can tick your taste buds. You will need, 5-6 Jalapenos 3/4th cup of Fried Grams or Roasted Grams (if you know Kannada, it's Kadale Poppu) 1.5 tsp of Cumin Seeds 0.5 tsp of Turmeric Powder Handful of Coriander Leaves 3-4 Green Chilies Salt as per... Continue Reading →

Oh my..!!!! This had to be my first recipe.! Is there someone who doesn't like maggi noodles?? Is there anyone who doesn't fight for that extra spoon of maggi noodles?? But before I jump straight into the recipe, let me tell you that if you're the one looking into the 'be healthy, look healthy, eat... Continue Reading →


If someone asks me 'What would you like to do?' My answer is simple, It is 'to eat'... Here you shall find all about the foodie me... ❤ Some Recipes, Some thoughts, Some Cravings and food, food and more food...

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